KNOWHERE TO GO visits Truchas, NM

Truchas is a mountain town 8000 miles above sea level. Truchas was founded in 1754 to occupy a Spanish Land Grant. Over the years the town of Truchas has become very attractive to artists. Tucked away in the mountains high above Santa Fe there is a feeling in the air that isn't quite so easily pinned down. However, the pull was strong enough to bring Robert Redford to the town and film "The Milagro Beanfield War".

Because the community had remained unchanged for so long, it still operates under many of the original Spanish land grant bylaws; for example, cars must share the roads with livestock. The town of Truchas feels more like a settlement than a town. There is an old gas station for rent, a boarded up general store and a few other store fronts being unoccupied. That being said, there is an energy here that asks you to be creative.

Not only is the scenery incredibly beautiful with the mountains next to you and the desert below you, there is a magic in Truchas that I think is shared among the state. There is history here. ​